General conditions

Cancellation costs.

A cancellation of a room is free of charge up to 10 days before the reservation date. After that, a lump sum of € 40.00 per room per night is charged. This applies up to 24 hours before the reservation date. From then on the full amount will be charged.

The costs are borne by the person who made the booking. If the reservation was made by email, this person will be mentioned by name. If it happened by mail, it is the person to whom the confirmation was addressed.

Exceptionally, no costs are charged in the event of a death. First and second-degree family who are involved in this reservation do not have to pay cancellation costs. We only ask you to notify us as soon as possible and to send a proof of death later.

Only the management can allow exceptions.

Reservation conditions.

We will always ask you to pay an advance. This is done by stating name and check-in date, ex. "Janssen 21/05/2020". Our account number and the amount will be provided when confirming your room. The reservation is only valid once the deposit has been deposited. In the case of several rooms, the total amount is paid in full by the person who made the booking.

Bookings made via email are only valid from the moment that the responsible person's address is provided. Because of this, they also agree to cancellation costs as described above.


Exceptional options can be taken for associations, cycling groups or others. The option period is limited in time and only serves to contact the members. Due to the current communication options, we believe this should be possible within 10 days. An option can be extended after mutual contact. If there is no renewal of option or confirmation within the agreed period, the option and therefore the reservation will lapse. A reservation is then valid from the moment that an advance payment is made as described above.